Hair Products and.... Jewelry?

Hair Products and.... Jewelry?

Posted by Aronda Denise on on Oct 1st 2020

Yes absolutely! I don't know about you but those things go right together in my head. I was raised in the hair salon from a pretty young age, and every hair salon I've ever been to has sold jewelry and accessories right at that front counter. I have a personal love for personalized jewelry myself, so it was a no brainer for me once I started to work in the salon as a Natural Hair Stylist. 

When I was 14 years old, my mother bought me my first personalized piece of jewelry. It was very expensive so she put it on layaway at a local jewelry store. I know you guys remember layaway! It was a 14K gold ring that said my name. Aronda. I absolutely loved it!!! 

I didn't always love my name. I remember when I wished I had a 'regular' name like Kimberly or Amanda. I wanted to find my name on a gift shop display! I could never find my name on a keychain or mug at a gift shop and I hated that! Having my own personalized ring made me feel special and noticed and I loved that so much. 

I enjoyed my name ring for years until some dusty I was dating stole it from me. That piece started my love for personalized jewelry and I have kept at least one piece of it in my life ever since I was old enough to purchase my own pieces.

I want every girl to be able to experience and enjoy a personalized piece of jewelry that was high quality yet affordable and that's why I decided to add personalized jewelry to Glam Natural Hair Co. We have a variety of styles and options of affordable name plate necklaces and plan to offer more styles very soon including rings, bracelets, and more!

It is my goal to share the love and pride of our strong beautiful names with everyone. I hope you are able to find something you love here at Glam Natural Hair Co <3